The Department of Social Policy aims at the education of social scientists in the interdisciplinary study and research of society, the interpretation and analysis of social phenomena and problems, the analysis of institutions and social structures and the application and evaluation of social policy at local, national and international level. In particular, the aim of the Department is to educate students in the fields of social policy, social theory, social and economic development, social history of Greece and Europe, rural and urban sociology, rural geography, demography and the state or non-governmental intervention at the areas of employment, social security, labour and social relations, income, health, combating social inequalities and social exclusion, social rights, gender, education, migration, family, housing and social movements.

The Department offers a postgraduate degree course in Methods and Applications in Social Policy and postgraduate supervision across the whole subject range. Research is carried out at the Center of Social Morphology and Social Policy. The Center of Gender and Equality Studies in the Political and Social Sciences is a particular field of research with close links across the University .

Administration of the Department

Head of the Department
Professor Despina Papadopoulou

Secretary of the Department
Eleni Tsoukala